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According to my birth year, I am considered a Baby Boomer, although close to the end. Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Post-World War II, Americans enjoyed newfound prosperity, which resulted in a "baby boom." The children born as a result were dubbed the Baby Boomers.

According to, the following characteristics define Baby Boomers:

• Hard-working and focused

• Competitive

• Value relationships

• Independent

• Pursue excellence and quality

• Baby boomers are less prone to succumb to peer pressure.

• Baby boomers enjoy social media, particularly Facebook.

• They buy products online more than other generation

Growing up as a Boomer was very different than today's childhood experiences. As kids, we spent our days playing outside with neighborhood friends, only coming inside at dark for dinner. With no electronics or 24-hour television, we had to find our own entertainment! Some of my favorite activities were Barbie dolls, swinging on the swing set, playing in the sprinkler, and slumber parties.

Nights were spent as a family watching television, screaming through the window to someone outside rotating the television antennae (if you know, you know!). There were three channels, and we had one TV that we watched as a family. I still have horrible flashbacks of watching Hee-Haw (sorry, Dad) and sometimes find myself quoting something from the show.

One of my favorite family memories is going to the drive-in movie. My mom would make a big bag of popcorn and bring a 2-liter coke for us to share! The Evil Queen on Snow White scared me so bad that I remember hiding on the floorboard to avoid seeing her mean face!

As a Boomer teenager, I loved my high school and Friday night football. We spent our weekends at band practice prepping for the big game. My small South Alabama town went all out to support the local schools. We had a huge rivalry with the school "across the creek," and the Battle of Murder Creek was the highlight of the football season. Some of my best memories are on the football field as a majorette in the stands cheering on my T.R. Miller Tigers! My high school classmates continually are in touch and celebrated our 40th reunion last October, reminiscing The Best of Times!

Contrary to the previous poster's opinion, Baby Boomers are the winners of the best music in history! Elvis, The Beatles, The Monkeys, Donny Osmond, The Eagles. Queen and the Bee Gees just barely tip the iceberg of music greatness "born" in my generation. "Saturday Night Fever" introduced us to Disco and John Travolta. The local radio station's request hour was a highlight of the week as we called in to dedicate a song to our sweethearts and friends. Music has always been an essential part of my life and is tied to many good and bad memories. I have enjoyed listening to music played on vinyl records, 8-Track tapes, cassette tapes, compact disks, and streaming music services.

I am happy to be a Boomer! I am thankful for lifelong neighborhood friends, memories of slower-paced days, and electronic free activities! Life was simple. Life was good. Life now is not as simple, but life is still good!



I am hard-working, value relationships, independent, dependable, and very organized. However, my love for Jesus is my greatest strength!


I struggle with trusting people and myself. My natural tendency is to go to the "what-if" in any scenario. I expect a lot from others and myself, resulting in disappointment and discouragement.


Then ~

• Music

• Coffee and Oreos for Breakfast

• Spending time with friends

• Marching Band/Majorette

• The beach

• Swings

Now ~

• Time spent with my husband and adult sons

• Music

• Coffee

• Reading

• Naps in the hammock on a sunny day

• My back porch

• The beach

• Swings

• Convertibles


Then ~

• Cheese

• Waking up for school

• PE Classes

• Mean girls

Now ~

• Cooking

• Selfish people

• Cold/Snow

• Yardwork

• Losing loved ones

• Early mornings

• Cheese


As I have aged and have many years of work experience, it can be discouraging to see the gap in compensation for women my age. I also struggle with accepting the reality of physical changes that affect my ability to perform specific tasks. I am not good at setting realistic boundaries for myself, which can affect my stress level. My goal at this stage in my professional life is to finish strong as I look towards retirement!


Parenting adult children has been quite the challenge for me. As one who likes to control, it has been hard to release control of my young men and allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes. However, this season has taught me to trust God more, knowing that He loves them even more than I do.


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