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Budapest, My Hidden Treasure Chest

There are no language barriers when it comes to God's love.
Vivi and Karolina were 2 out of our 4 campers from Ukraine! They were super special and so kind to one another and their brothers. At the camp presentation for the families, their family members showed up and it was precious to see them get so excited. I don't think they thought their family would get to see them perform, but they got a nice surprise! I learned a lot about different cultures and knowing that Vivi and Karolina were cared for and living somewhere safe was a huge blessing. So glad they ended up in Diosd at Paulus Church!

The most valuable lesson I learned during this trip was how much is possible when God is involved.

Without Him:

– Language Barriers

– Exhaustion

– Confusion

– Shyness

With Him:

– Communication: through friendship, mentorship, family and the spirit

– Energy

– Wisdom

– Boldness in Jesus' Name

It was no coincidence that I found myself joining the Whitesburg Baptist Church Hungary Go Team. I know it was all part of THE PLAN! In the beginning, I wasn't even sure I would be able to come up with the money. But God provided! (With the help of friends, family, complete strangers, pound cakes and Customink t-shirts) God worked through so many people in my life who donated and helped me get to Hungary-my first mission trip out of the country.

We know of 4 kids who came to know Christ during this camp! I could definitely see everyone's lives being touched in small ways all through the week. Many of the people we met in Diosd lived quite humbly, so it was amazing to see the outreach from many families at Paulus Church. Every night we were brought traditional

Hungarian dishes for dinner. I loved everything, but Rackott Krumpli and Somlói galuska were my favorites!

(I included some links to recipes so that you can see what I mean.)

The Hungarians we met were very hospitable people. Overall, they were also very non-materialistic, which was refreshing to see. The Hungarian kids were well-mannered and pretty mature for their ages. All of these characteristics stuck out to me about the Hungarians because for the most part Americans are the opposite. I was impressed by how well-behaved the campers were compared to most American kids I know.

Some things I missed during my time in Hungary and beyond:

– Air conditioning!!

– Ice

– A good cup of joe

I want to share some of the best moments of the camp with you! Each photo will have a little snippet along with it so that you can feel like you were really there right along with me. Click on each photo to read about it:

Nagyon szépen köszönöm!


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