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Cinematic Motivation

This is your 2023 Resolution check- in!


Have you kept up with your goals?

How long did you keep up this time?

Have you given up?

No matter where you are on the journey to your goal, everybody needs a little pick-me-up in their lives! Here are a few of my favorite movies that will light that fire within you and inspire you to stick with it and power through!

Stick It

A movie with one of the most epic training montages, Stick It is the epitome of gymnastics movies. Haley Graham is a troubled teenager who gets in trouble and is sent back to her old gymnast life. What begins as a "battle of the uneven bars" blooms into team camaraderie, unapologetic confidence, and new perspectives. This movie will make you want to get up off your couch and start moving. It is inspiring to see the continuous growth of the gymnasts on the team and even the coach. Haley is a baddie with the wit and self-confidence that will make you crack a smile. She handles all the girl drama in the best possible way, which is hilarious. The cool gymnastics tricks sprinkled in are a bonus!

Ice Princess

Naturally-talented ice skater, Casey Carlyle, leads the way in this motivational movie filled with both academia and athletics! Casey is a physics geek who loves to ice skate but has never taken the expensive skating lessons that would take her to the next level. It doesn't help that her mom disapproves of the skimpy skater clothes and "divas on ice" at the rink. When Casey has the chance of a lifetime to earn a scholarship by presenting an in-depth experimental analysis about something she loves, of course she chooses ice skating! There is a scene where Casey lives and breathes her scholarship project. She is barely sleeping, glued to her computer, and living at the skating rink, all while keeping it a secret from her mom! Her dedication to her future and hobby is motivating, especially for anyone trudging through this spring semester. This movie is perfect for that extra inspiration to push through your classes with all the drive of a champion on ice!

Hidden Figures

This movie will have you screaming Girl Power! Set during the Space Race and the launch of the astronaut John Glen, Hidden Figures focuses on the brainpower behind NASA's mission. The three leading ladies, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, are all behind-the-scenes "brains" of the operation. I am always blown away by this movie and the mathematical genius and perseverance that oozes out of every scene with these women at the forefront. It's also based on a true story!

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods forever!!! What begins as a complete pity party for a spoiled, ditsy sorority girl turns into one of the most glorious clap-backs after a break-up in history! Elle Woods defines self-confidence and determination. When Elle is faced with a horrible situation, she sets her mind on law school. One of my favorite scenes is the study montage, where she's reading Harvard law textbooks while on the treadmill. Now that's motivating! The best part is she makes it all happen for HERSELF (no one else!) despite the odds. And she still gets the better guy in the end, anyway!

Pop these films on when you need a little self-confidence, motivation, a kind reminder, or even a good laugh! These are my sister's go-to movies when she is feeling uninspired. Now here is a motivational gift from us to you!


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