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Drexell & Honeybee's: Nonprofit Highlight

I love to eat out mainly because I am not particularly eager to cook, or a good cook for that matter. I also have a love for socializing and building relationships. In the South, investing in relationships often revolve around food. Friends meet for coffee or a meal around a table in a comfortable space to enjoy friendly conversation.

Once I found out we were moving back to Brewton, AL, I quickly searched to see what had changed in the area in the past 22 years. There were a lot of fantastic new options to explore, but one restaurant stood out to me as different. This week I was able to share a meal with friends at Drexell & Honeybees.

According to Alabama Public Heath, Alabama is the fifth poorest state in the nation, causing 17% of adults and 23% of children (1 out of 4) to struggle with food insecurity. In the desire to be part of the solution, Drexell & Honeybees opened a donation-only restaurant in 2018. According to their website, their mission is to To Fight Food Insecurity by Feeding the Need, Restoring Dignity, and Building Community.

How does this look? There are no menus, no cash registers, and no other strings attached to receiving a meal. No one knows if you give or what you give in the donation box. It is what you can afford, even if it is nothing at all. You can also donate more to ensure others can receive a home-cooked meal when they otherwise wouldn't be able to. It is such an excellent way to assist with the seriousness of food insecurity with dignity.

Drexell and Honeybees subscribe to three foundational pillars in living out their mission: We Feed the Need, We Restore Dignity, and We Build Community. Please take a minute to head over to their website to see how they incorporate these values in running their restaurant.

In talking to Lisa Thomas-McMillan about what inspired her to open this restaurant, one of her desires was for others to enjoy relationships and conversations over a meal, whether individuals, friends, or family, free from the stress of money. Unfortunately, I often take this opportunity for granted in my own life. However, I am thankful for individuals like Lisa. They continue to educate and remind us that we can make a difference by welcoming everyone “to a seat at the table.”

So how can we support the mission of Drexel and Honeybees?

If you are in the area, dine in. Support the restaurant with your donations to help others who may be experiencing food insecurity. Also, if you are in the area, you can volunteer your time.

If you are outside the area, you can take action by donating.

100% of all donations go to feeding the hungry and include operating costs.

*Drexell & Honeybee's is a ministry of Carlisa, Inc. 501c3 non-profit food bank.

For a list of ways to donate, go here.

Thank you, Lisa and Freddie, for the difference you are making in the lives of those around you.


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