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Healthy Aging Month with Anytime Fitness

Did you know September is Healthy Aging Month? Healthy Aging Month encourages people to focus on health, consider future challenges, and develop a lifestyle that addresses these challenges through exercise, eating healthy, sleep, and mental health awareness. The history of Healthy Aging Month can be found here.

If you haven’t considered aging, it’s never too early to start. It’s easy to put health aside when we are younger and busy with education, careers, and families. However, being disciplined throughout each stage of life impacts us as we age and helps us set healthy habits for our future.

So what do you want your life to look like years from now? Our latest blog post addresses those concerns. Laura Dunham, OTR/L, CDP provides a great perspective on preparing for the future. Take the time to read the reminders of what matters during the aging process.

Also, today we want to take the time to showcase one of our clients, Chelsea Anytime Fitness. Chelsea Anytime Fitness participates in the Silver Sneaker Program. It is a free program through Medicare for seniors 65+ that encourages participants to get active and fit while connecting to others. All levels and abilities are encouraged to participate, with the primary goal of participants remaining active during the aging process. Classes meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 AM. Check here for medicare program eligibility.

For more information regarding this program and to get connected with Chelsea Anytime Fitness call (205) 678-8820.


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