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Joy: Lost and Found

There's a lot of talk about "just do what makes you happy," "do what makes you feel good," "Follow your heart..." etc.

This kind of talk can be initially positive and empowering, but quickly turns into the wrong advice.

Life is much more complicated than just doing what makes you happy.

During a late night episode of One Tree Hill, I heard the main characters, Brooke and Julian talking about happiness...

"Happiness is not a destination."

Everyone goes through hard times. We are not always happy. It's important to remember that happiness is an emotion and a fleeting state of being, not a permanent personality trait. It's okay to feel sadness and uncertainty, and to not feel happy all the time. It's normal to struggle and hope for better days ahead. But we cannot just let the good parts of life pass us by!

Even more importantly, we have to search for the little joys in life.

Little joys:

• Securing Taylor Swift tickets

• Thanksgiving Potlucks

• Decorating for Christmas

• The Great British Baking Show: Holiday Edition

• Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

• Catching up with Old Friends

• Reading a good book

What are some of your little joys?


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