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Lessons in the Spirit from Budapest, Hungary by Hannah Kate Baker

My time in Budapest was so meaningful to me.

Zita and Hannah on the last day of camp!

From seeing the smiles on the kids faces, to stepping out of my comfort zone completely, it truly was nothing less than surreal.

There are two important lessons that I learned while on this mission trip. The first one is that God‘s love surpasses cultural and language barriers. Though I was very rusty on my Hungarian, the children used other ways to communicate with me. They would smile, they were draw pictures, and they would laugh. I really believe it would have been much harder if I did not have the goal of ministering to them and the help of the Holy Spirit.


Precious Moments During Camp:


The second lesson I learned was that when God‘s people work together for the common good, amazing things can be done. I experienced this all week long. At the beginning of the week, there were several kids who were not as talkative or were not totally sure about being at the camp. However, by the grace of God, towards the end of the week those same kids were the ones screaming our worship songs the loudest, playing the hardest, and asking the most questions about God.

Dancing queens at dance practice! This was the best time when we really got to know the kids!

I am so excited to go back next year. It has truly been a life-changing experience to go back to where I grew up to serve God and serve his people.


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