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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Generation Z: born between the years 1995 and 2010…Now, that's a gap worth talking about!

I was born in the great year of 1998, so I am a part of Generation Z.

What does the Z stand for?

Zenon? (Girl of the 21st century?)

Zathura? (Does anyone remember that epic space opera of a movie from 2005?)

Zoboomafoo? (Don't we all just want to be a PBS kid?)

For a generation literally born into the ever-changing world of technology, It’s fitting that we are sometimes referred to as “Zoomers.” This ever-evolving world is what we Gen Zers call home. In the mind of a Gen Zer, change is just a part of life, diversity is not questioned, it’s embraced; and the past is never too far away to be appreciated.

Gen Zers are a group of people who feel a pull to the past and a push towards the future. It’s a tension that other generations may not entirely understand because they have never transitioned into adulthood at a time like this. When hard times come around, like the pandemic or economic trouble, Gen Zers find comfort in looking back at a time before some of them were even born: the 90s and early 2000s.

Gen Zers were born at the turn of the century. It was right at the cusp of a new age. Yet, they reminisce about a past life without the hustle and technological wizardry that they wholeheartedly cling to now. Gen Zers saw their parents go through economic devastation and financial turmoil, affecting their thoughts about their futures and entrepreneurial minded goals. Gen Zers have a go-getter spirit because they’ve seen instability in our nation, and they crave a sense of security and stability for their futures.

I can identify with my generation’s affinity for working independently on goals they set for themselves. Teamwork sometimes doesn’t make the cut with this generation. Solo entrepreneurship is this generation’s dream. Technology has made this possible because people can teach themselves a skill set by simply watching a video or two. Knowledge is right at our fingertips—literally.

I can relate to other GenZers because we

are in the midst of the “loneliest generation.” Hours spent alone behind a screen can demolish someone’s social skills, yet we collectively still prefer face-to-face interaction over a phone call. (God forbid a phone call!!)

There are characteristics of Generation Z that I do not see myself connecting with, such as being politically aggressive and a social justice leader. I steer clear of hardcore political debates and protests.

I am not naturally competitive. I am very easygoing to the point of not caring at all.

Engaging in change and cancel culture is not a part of my mindset. Gen Z has no issue with canceling a brand for not having sustainable options, or canceling a celebrity for sharing opinions that do not line up with the “wokeness” of today’s society. I disagree with this part of my generation. In my eyes it solves nothing, but Gen Z is adamant about igniting change wherever it can.

I usually struggle when it comes to change in my life, and it takes a while for me to adjust. But I am resilient!! And just like the rest of my generation, I will adapt.


A little bit about me:


  • 1980s nostalgia

  • Musicals- Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll and Hyde, The Sound of Music

  • Books-historical fiction, time travel & fantasy

  • Food!-Trying new foods/Baking

  • Marching Band

  • Peaches

  • Scotland

  • Picnics

  • Pirates & Vikings

  • Vinyl Records

  • Making Lists

  • Movies-Old & New


  • When people order chicken fingers at every restaurant/never try new foods

  • Copycats/unoriginality

  • When people say they don’t read/hate reading

  • When people say, “I love all music EXCEPT COUNTRY.”

  • Not listening to a song all the way through

  • Disorganization


I feel like I will never be able to find a real passion that I can make a career. Being happy with my job is important to me, but so is stability. I have a fear of boredom and failure at work. Having a degree and not being able to find a good use for it after years of school is upsetting, and I know I am not the only one who is going through this!



I find myself always wanting more when I should be grateful for where I am right now. I have a gap in communication with others. I don’t reach out to people as much as I used to. I want to start being more intentional with people. I want to be more sure of myself and cultivate self-confidence in every aspect of my life!


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