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The Fruit of Intention

"Don't cry over anything that wouldn't cry over you."

I heard this quote the other day and immediately scribbled it down so I could keep it close. Replace the word "cry" with one that better suits your situation:

Don't worry over it

Don't stress

Don't agonize

Don't overthink

Don't anguish

Don't fret

Whether you are thinking about a material object/possession, a situation or unfilled space, or a person/relationship, this quote can help you with your perspective.

Worry and stress can be the ruin of Intention.

In previous posts, we have talked about the gift of delay and the importance of rest. Now, let's touch on the fruit that grows from being intentional.

Being intentional with your time, mindset and relationships can be the source of major benefits. In this Lenten season, (which is February 22 - April 6) intentionality is something I have been prioritizing. You've heard of "giving things up for Lent," but Lent can also, be about making a positive change in your daily life.

I am changing how I spend my mornings. SCREENLESS! I figured, without watching a tv show or scrolling on Tiktok in the morning, I can be more intentional about reading and spending time in a more silent and meditative environment. Since I started doing this, I can see several "fruits" or "benefits:"

• I am more intentional about spending time in the Word and praying.

• I am more comfortable in the quietness of the morning.

• I am on time for work.

• I am spending more time with my family and dogs.

• I put more effort into my appearance

• I am more intentional about how I choose to spend my day.

In what ways can you be more intentional during Lent & throughout your whole life?


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