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With Love From Budapest, Hungary by Abigail Varnon

Szia! Or Hello!

Abigail with a precious little girl named, Dalma! She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and even taught the Hungary Team a thing or two about dancing!

My name is Abigail Varnon and I had the privilege to visit the most beautiful place, Budapest, Hungary!

Now you’re probably thinking we went to Europe to go sight-seeing and to see the most beautiful things that some people only hear about, but the team that I was with were able to serve at a week long church camp (Paulus church) and do a VBS for the kids that live there!

While at the camp, we got to teach the kids English, teach dances, eat snacks, and so many other cool things!

Now you’re probably also thinking that I have a little experience with speaking Hungarian, or maybe I practiced before I went, but I went into this experience with no way of communicating with these sweet kids. Even though it was more challenging to talk with the kids, I could see God providing many other ways to communicate.

One game I liked to play with the kids was how I communicated with them mostly: I would point to something, and they would tell me how to say it in Hungarian. It’s moments like those that I miss so badly.

Although I spoke very little to those kids, I truly could feel God's presence there at that camp. I feel that I’ve never had a connection with any other group of kids that I had while working with the kids in Budapest, Hungary.

Abigail (middle) and the rest of the girls in Team Hungary remaking the face that a little boy named Oli made during a particularly funny moment at the Paulus Camp. The Hungarian kids were so cute!

I thank God for all of the prayers He answered going in and also leaving that week. I thank Him for all of the special memories that I’m left with to remember my time there!

Here is glimpse into our unforgettable week in Diosd, Hungary at the Paulus Church:


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